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Posted by extremistswatch on October 30, 2011

Government exposed attempting to impose UN Agenda 21 policies in MO.

by B.l. Cozad Jr on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 1:13pm

Hello all,

The link at the bottom of this letter was sent to me by a
man in Montana that is trying to stand against the UN Agenda 21 policies. His
name is Robert Fanning and he is running for Governor of Montana. I really hope
he is elected the main stream media doesn’t give him the air time but the truth
is spreading and he is getting more exposure and gaining more public support.

The truth of this UN Agenda 21 can clearly be seen right
here in front of our eyes with this story. It’s our government out of control
and infested with environmental and animal rights morons that absolutely
support the creation of a socialist government here in the USA to impose their
views and opinions on everyone in America. These arrogant left wing morons are
openly advocating to destroy America and openly embrace law enforcement
officers making raids, depriving Americans of their property and creating
situations where they may potentially kill American citizens to place the
environment and animals above human lives using the excuse of protecting the
environment and defending the animals.

The difference in this story is the people they have chosen
as targets own lake side property and usually the people owning that kind of
property have at least a little money put aside to fight this type of socialist
Agenda 21 supporting crap from our government. But this is going on under the
media radar all over the USA right now against people that don’t have the money
to fight the government.

A good friend told me that he read a study the other day
that stated neary 6% of American farmers and ranchers have given up and/or been
driven out of business. That is only good for those buying up their land like
Ted Turner, George Soros, Warren Buffet and the farming conglomerates that are
attempting to create a monopoly of the food and water sources in the USA.

How much more will Americans stand by and allow? When will
too much actually be TOO MUCH and the straw breaks the camels back? When the
civil war starts, just remember that you need to look no further than your
state elected officials, Governors, Representatives and Senators for the
TRAITORS that could have stopped this if they would have performed their duty
and upheld their oath to support and defend the Constitutions of the United
States and the State of you reside in against all enemies both foreign and
domestic. If your son, daughter, spouse, mother, father, brother or sister gets
killed in a civil war your state officials are too blame.

For those Americans involved in the gamecock harvest
industry, you must understand that if your family member gets hurt or killed in
a raid by law enforcement because law enforcement officers were sent out to
stop gamecock farmers and ranchers from earning a living and harvesting our
gamecocks using the excuse of protecting chickens it is not the law enforcement
officers fault. They are just the mindless propaganda controlled tools of the
elite being sent to subjugate rural Americans. The true traitor is your state
legislators for they have the power, authority and the duty to repeal the
unconstitutional cockfighting laws if they have the courage to stand against
the socialist policies of UN Agenda 21 being pushed by Wayne Pacelle, Maurice
Strong and politically connected elite within the Humane Society of the United

Just think of it this way “what would you do if an
unconstitutional law making it illegal to own and posses beef cattle
(livestock) for slaughter (harvest)” using the excuse of protecting the
cattle was creating a threat to your rural neighbors’ (cattle ranchers)
lives” and you (as an elected leader) had the authority and power to
repeal the law and stop the events that might lead to people being killed but
instead you supported the animal extremists and well funded special interests
groups agenda by doing nothing. Now wouldn’t you actually be the one ultimately
responsible for your neighbors death if he is killed by law enforcement
officers ordered to arrest him for harvesting his beef cattle?

Thank you, for sending this to me Robert.

U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr

This is horrible.  We, in Montana, or anywhere in the United States can’t afford to ignore the senseless, dictatorial edict that has been issued here in Missouri. The same
type of fascist style senseless, unconstitutional top-down command can be
issued anywhere in this country.  Our lakesides are in line of fire.

One article I read (and saw on this evening’s news) said
that the Feds have ordered the homes to be bulldozed and the land restored to
the original condition…Many of the current residents have owned their
properties there for decades..many with clear titles and deeds…   Robert



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