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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on January 5, 2012

Collectivists use Orwellian ‘doublespeak’ to fool the public, with the word “smart”.  So-called Smart Growth is the strategy used to concentrate people into cities, and to remove them off of the land, under the banner of ‘protecting’ the environment.

Remember, only 5-6% of land in America is developed (buildings, roads, etc).

Smart Growth is a trick to devalue property outside of Smart Growth boundaries; this is accomplished through limiting development which affects economic growth.  Heavy environmental regulations and land re-zoning on land outside the boundaries renders the land virtually worthless.

Within the Smart Growth boundaries, property prices soar, and housing becomes limited and expensive.

•Land with minimal Smart Growth regulations sells for $10 to $40 thousand dollars per lot. Land with heavy Smart Growth regulations sells for $200 to $600 thousand dollars per lot.

Are you aware that America’s total land mass is only 6% developed?  And only 3% of the land mass is considered urban. Yet 77% of the population lives in urban areas.

The federal government “owns” over 29% of America’s land mass.  And most of it is in the Western States.

The reason for this, according to the Wayne Hage, in his book Storm Over Rangelands, is because the Eastern banking and industry interests did not wish the prosperous and resource rich West to dominate their interests in the East.  Environmentalism was corrupted and expanded in the 1800’s to limit the wealth and resources of the West.  For example, railroad magnate Ed Harriman funded John Muir (founder of the deceitful Sierra Club).

As a result, massive land use regulations were created around water rights, timber, mining, grazing rights, etc.

The overall objective of Smart Growth is control.  Smart Growth communities consist of building up, not out.  Stores are located at the bottom of high rise buildings where people live in the apartments above.  The purpose of this is to keep people contained, so they never have to leave their Smart Growth cages.

‘Urban sprawl’, or spread out development, is demonized despite the fact that most people would prefer to live in a single family home, owning the land.  There is far more freedom accorded to landowners than to apartment dwellers.

Another part of Smart Growth planning is the light rail system.  The objective is more control over people by limiting travel (some Smart Growth developments don’t even have garages). Despite the financial impracticability of the rail system, billions have been wasted on it nationwide.

Smart Growth planning has extended into the energy field.  Smart Growth buildings have a centralized control mechanism for heaters, air conditioners, water heaters and appliances.  Energy usage is remotely controlled.

Currently, Smart Meters are being installed on homes and apartments to monitor, up to the minute, energy and appliance usage.  This has been funded by taxpayer money.  Initially, the electricity companies are providing information on residents’ power usage, with the ultimate goal of controlling power remotely.

Lastly, biodiversity is preserved when there are many types of development and land usage.  Allowing overgrowth of nature results in old forests, as opposed to successional forests with more life forms.  Further, it creates a wildfire danger.  When nature is left untouched, plant overgrowth occurs, providing fuel for wildfires.



Many local government officials and city planners are ignorant about this scheme.  You can educate them about the perils of Smart Growth. If they are non-responsive, vote them out.   Share this information with your neighbors.  Your liberty is at stake.

In 2004, Oregon passed a law, Measure 37, to justly compensate property owners who were victims of destructive Smart Growth programs.



  1. rosa said

    I find it amazing that enviromentalists would say humans are equal to animals and have no more rights then animals yet animals are allowed to follow their instincts and live free out side cages and restraints yet they would deny humans, who are part of teh earth the same right to exercise their nature which so called nature gave them the ability to alter their enviroment, to use their minds in creative ways and foster a higher quality of life and use the earth for their interests as the animals do theirs. no one expects animals to have moral codes or ethics. they use the earth and do not give the rights of other animals a second thought, yet somehow humans who are just animals are supposed to be equal in rights to animals yet are supposed to aspire to higher values then animals and sacrifice their instinctual sruvival and abilities nature gave them taking a lower seat while animals are allowed free rein to pursue their nature unhindered..

    actually they are in fact commiting violence against the nature of man by treating man as a parasite on the earth, and desiring to cage that animal, they are in fact playing God and not allowing nature to decide how man should or should not live. these enviromentalists/rulers/etc are thus denying their nature of being only a human animal themselves and deciding somehow they are a superior animal with superior rights than all other animals human and animal. when in fact they are equal and thus have no say in the matter of man or animal. all this leaves is might makes right and visions of graduer which no other animal ever strives for. so is man just an animal? if he is why are you suppresing his nature trying to cage and restrict him? if he is not just a higher animal but a creation by God what gives anyone the right to decide right and wrong over another human? is that not God’s domain?


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