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Posted by gamecocksunlimited on July 30, 2012


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John Goodwin Exposed: ALF Terrorist John Goodwin: HSUS Dogfight Czar

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on July 29, 2012

John Goodwin Exposed: ALF Terrorist John Goodwin: HSUS Dogfight Czar.

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UN Agenda 21; repercussions and consequences

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on July 29, 2012

UN Agenda 21; repercussions and consequences,

The corrupt establishment leadership behind the Republican and Democratic parties here in OK has created a monopoly that allows for the look of a choice while actually denying any choice. That is why we must become politically involved and get rid of the corrupt pieces of garbage that are selling out our Constitution and America in support of the UN agenda 21 advocates. And yes here in Oklahoma the Republican establishment support the implementation of UN Agenda 21 and the majority of the Republicans across Oklahoma have no clue that they are being guided down the road by these globalist supporters that are working as traitors to our Constitution and America. But more people are waking up and spreading the truth across Oklahoma every single day.

Forget about the D’s and the R’s and vote for Constitution defenders regardless of the party they belong to.

I feel sorry for the elitist behind UN Agenda 21 and the elected morons that do their bidding because they will never comprehend the true depth and desire for freedom that God placed in man. The God given gift of freedom is NOT negotiable and is as inherent as breathing.

Some men without courage will sacrifice their freedom out of fear and/or intimidation. Others with courage may temporarily sacrifice their freedoms under the threat of a common enemy. Still others stand and fight the threat even sacrificing their lives in the cause of freedom. But once that threat is removed and/or revealed as a false threat used only to institute policies that deprive people of their God given rights and freedoms, these same men and women that have the courage to unite, stand up and fight against the outside threats to freedom will also stand and fight the threats inside our government that are attempting to deprive us of freedom.

I truly feel sorry for our elected enemies of the Constitution that are supporting the UN Agenda 21 effort pushed by the elitists behind the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. Many of these elected arrogant morons do not comprehend the situation they are placing themselves into as they sell out our God given constitutionally protected rights.

With each vote against the constitution they are selling out America and ensuring that their names and the names of the children will always be remembered as traitors. As more people learn the truth of UN Agenda 21 there will come a day when our arrogant elected officials that are supporting the effort to implement agenda 21 will not have the courage to walk down the streets of their own hometown without hanging their heads in shame and/or hiding from the same people that used to call them friend.

What other events will unfold can be found by studying the history of civil war engagements across the world. America, Ireland, Cuba, Vietnam, Russia, Bosnia, Croatia, Philippines and many other places around the world have dealt with the aftermath of civil wars many that are still ongoing today. If a civil war comes to America it will be the most devastating civil war that has ever been fought other civil wars will pale in comparison to the carnage and death counts. Our elected officials that have been selling out our constitution and their family members will be major targets.
I pray that our elected officials wake up and take a stand to uphold their oath to support and defend the Constitution, return America to the land of the free before it’s too late.

Freedom always wins in the end because God has made the desire for freedom an inherent part of the complexities of human nature. It will always be so and no amount of force from the government will deprive man of that spirit.


Thank you,
U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr






B.l. Cozad Jr The UN has 980 accredited NGO’s and under those 980 there are thousands of others that are all pushing the policies of agenda 21 at the federal, state and local level

B.l. Cozad Jr don’t get caught up in only looking for the ICLEI moniker

B.l. Cozad Jr the Humane Society International is the umbrella organization of the Humane Society of the United States and they are part of the agenda 21 advocates

B.l. Cozad Jr Founder of agenda 21 Maurice Strong is a senior board member/advisor of the HSUS

B.l. Cozad Jr the role of the HSUS in agenda 21 attack and destroy our agriculture industries and any connection to the land and rural lifestyle

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Federal Dog Rule Should Worry Sportsmen

Posted by gamecocksunlimited on July 29, 2012

Federal Dog Rule Should Worry Sportsmen.

via Federal Dog Rule Should Worry Sportsmen.

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